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Altered Carbon book

Altered Carbon book

Altered Carbon. Richard Morgan

Altered Carbon

ISBN: 0575073906,9780575073906 | 544 pages | 14 Mb

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Altered Carbon Richard Morgan
Publisher: Gollancz Paperbacks

This is slightly older news (from February) but something that had managed to slip past my radar. Share this: Google +1 · LinkedIn · Facebook · Twitter; More. Welcome -- subscribe to my RSS feed!“Where is the voice that said altered carbon would free us from the cells of our flesh? I read the sequel to this book "Woken Furies" late last year. *sigh* Yeah, I'm not impressed either. The vision that said we would be angels?” Title: Altered Carbon Author: Richard K. The "altered carbon" of the title is the technology on which the story hinges - the ability to store human consciousness on a carbon stack embedded in the base of the skull. "Altered Carbon" by "Richard K. Morgan's 2002 debut science-fiction novel, Altered Carbon was simply one of the best and most original stories I've read over the last few years. Richard Morgan's Altered Carbon was a buy motivated by hype, and as happens fairly often with those, it was absolutely disappointing. Well, I'm on a roll now, I just finished Richard K. Reddit · Digg · StumbleUpon · Tumblr · Pinterest · Print · Email. Back in the good ol' days of jr. Afterward, they can read your personality from an implanted "cortical stack" and upload you into a new body--at a price. Morgan" is part of his Takeshi Kovacs series. In Altered Carbon, the debut novel by Richard K. Morgan's Altered Carbon this week, making it two books in a month! Morgan, cyberpunk grows up, has a seedy affair at a whorehouse in 'licktown' and hires a private investigator to investigate its own murder. Mythology Entertainment to Make Altered Carbon Source: Variety February 13, 2012.